Using Genuine Ford Parts at Hall Ford Elizabeth City

Let's say your Ford vehicle either is in need of regularly-scheduled maintenance or has some sort of repair on the horizon. You've really got only a few choices available to you: fix it yourself, take it to a franchised repair shop, or bring into the Hall Ford Elizabeth City service center to be serviced by professional.

Each of the first two options are rife with flaws. Fixing a vehicle on your own isn't anywhere near as easy as it used to be in the time before cars were just rolling computers. Modern-day repairs and service upgrades can be incredibly complex tasks, which is the first, most obvious reason why it's important to have trained pros working on your vehicle instead.

While there are trained pros at corner service shops and our own official service center, only one group was specially trained by Ford to work exclusively on Ford automobiles. Those corner service centers see every make and model imaginable over the course of a given day, while our technicians see almost exclusively Ford autos, which makes a bigger difference than you realize. If you were having heart problems, for example, you'd be in much better hands with a cardiologist than an ER doctor.

It's also worth noting that here at Hall Ford Elizabeth City, we use only genuine Ford parts to make our repairs and upgrades, which goes a long way toward maintaining the integrity of these respected automobiles. Generic parts are fine, but they weren't built by Ford to keep vehicles looking and working great. They were built as cheaply as possible to be sold as cheaply as possible, and that does lead to a pretty noticeable difference.

If you need any service or repairs, call to set up an appointment with our top-rate service department today!

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