Why Customers Love Ford SUVs


It used to be that an SUV was a luxury, with those owning a new Ford Bronco showing it off to friends as a sort of trophy that only the sporty elite would have the gumption to purchase. Today, of course, SUVs and crossovers are everywhere, in large part because automakers like Ford have gone to such lengths to make them just as practical (if not more so) as the everyday sedan.

As your North Carolina Ford dealer serving Elizabeth City, we are selling more SUVs and crossovers than ever, and that is a testament to their driving dynamics, convenience, versatility and spaciousness, regardless of the model. 

The 2017 Ford Escape is the smallest of our current crossover offerings here at Hall Ford Elizabeth City, which gives it excellent efficiency numbers and nimble maneuverability. The 2017 Ford Edge, meanwhile, is all-new for 2017 and features a massive suite of advanced technological features to go along with its comfortable and spacious cabin. 

The Ford brand is perhaps even better known for its larger SUVs, however, and both the 2017 Ford Explorer and 2017 Ford Expedition are the sorts of autos that have freed many families from the confines of the people-pushing minivan. Both models offer quite a bit in terms of interior room and cargo space, and both offer the types of powerful engines (and four-wheel drive) that make significant towing possible. They can perform, but they look great, too!

If you would like to take a closer look at any of our SUVs or crossovers, come pay us a visit here any time and we will be happy to get you behind the wheel for a spin. You will very quickly fall in love with these models, just like thousands upon thousands of customers before you!

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