Reconditioning Process
At Hall | MileOne Autogroup, we want to earn your trust by providing the best and safest used vehicles around. So much so that we have carefully crafted a vigorous used car reconditioning process that includes a 115 point inspection and certification check to make sure every vehicle is in peak condition, or we won't sell it.

Our pre-owned vehicles are reconditioned in 8 steps.

Step 1

A detailed lead technician completes a thorough walk-around outside and in.

This is to determine if any cosmetic defects need to be addressed. 

Step 2
A certified Hall technician inspects the interior and under-the-hood functions of the vehicle.

Inspection includes: Seating controls, sunroof, belt condition, fluid levels, undercarriage (for potential damage and leaks), tires, brakes and all suspension components.

Step 3
Take the vehicle for a test drive.

By using the inspection data collected, we are able to summarize what repairs and replacement parts might be needed.

Step 4
Follow the test drive up with enhancements, beginning with a 360 degree detailing of the entire vehicle.

Detailing includes: Wheels, door jams, under the hood and more.

Step 5
Next, we repair any internal or external dents, dings, rips and tears.

Step 6
Our ASE master technicians work to restore the car's mechanical and safety features detailed in our 101 point inspection.

Step 7
Painstakingly detail the interior and add our finishing touches.

Step 8
Prep the car to be sent to the dealership.