Best Cars for the Back-to-School Season


It may be hard to believe, but it’s already August and back-to-school season is approaching. Besides purchasing school supplies for your kids and getting their class schedules sorted out, one thing that you can do to greatly improve the upcoming school year is to purchase a new Ford vehicle. 

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Get a Brake Tuneup at our Ford Service Center


As the only part that stops your vehicle when you need to slow down, brakes are an absolutely essential component for both safety and performance. The last thing you want is for your brakes to malfunction on you when you’re taking your summer road trip, so if it’s been some time since your last brake tuneup, we recommend stopping by our Ford service center for an appointment with one of our expert technicians.

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Ways to Save Fuel This Summer


While many of us love summer road trips and weekend adventures, one thing we don’t love is frequent trips to the gas station. Luckily, there are many ways you can save fuel. From practicing safe driving to properly inflated tires, there are simple steps you can take to ensure you have more time to spend doing the things you love this summer. 

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2018 Ford Expedition Gets Exciting Updates

It's no secret that crossovers rule the roost in the world of SUVs these days, but that doesn't mean there is no place for the big boys in today's automotive industry. In fact, here in Elizabeth City, NC, we still find that there are plenty of families that require something larger than the typical crossover can provide, but they aren't especially interested in minivans. For those people, we very often suggest…
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2019 Ford Fusion Debuts with Big Updates

As the spring auto show season continues along its merry way here in the United States, Ford fans have been blessed with a seemingly never-ending supply of good news about forthcoming models, with the most recent addition having been announced late last month in the form of an updated Ford Fusion.
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